How To Pick The Best Salon Chair

salon chairs

You will almost certainly find a salon chair in any salon you visit. Simply because salon chairs are a great addition to hairdressers. They not only allow the hairdresser more access, but is also very comfortable for the customer. There are lots of varieties of salon chairs, some are more advanced than others and thus have more features but just a plain one will work fine too. Salon chairs have been used for centuries now, even during the olden days, hairdressers and salon shops would still offer barber chairs to their customers.

If you are thinking of buying a salon chair for your shop then here are some factors or tips that you should keep in mind. You want to find a chair that is solid, reliable as well as being heavy duty. Finding one that is slightly more expensive but can last you for years is better than one that is uncomfortable yet cheap. Salon chairs are very affordable but can get very pricey depending on the extra functions, in most cases you will not need them and they’re only there for people that can afford it.

When searching for our salon chair, we came across several companies that claimed to be selling high quality salon chairs, but after extensive research. We discovered that most of their customers were unsatisfied and were complaining about the brand and chair. Thus, when purchasing your salon chair for your company, it is important that you do some research beforehand, or else you may be a victim to one of them scams. You may regret spending hundreds of dollars on chairs, only to have them break and be uncomfortable after a few months or so.


The first thing you want to do when choosing your salon chair, is to decide on what style you want. There are various styles available and each shop has their unique style. Picking the one best for you shop is important and picking one that fits in well creates a nice atmosphere. It also looks really good and appealing, which could potentially attract more and more customers. Some styles you can pick from include a European design, an all-purpose salon chair or an antique chair. Antique chairs will cost you more than your average chair, but can be a good investment if your shop has that old more nostalgic feeling to it.

The second feature you want to consider when purchasing a brand new salon chair is to check if the chair is adjustable. An adjustable salon chair is very important to not only your customers but also your hairdresser. Allowing your hairdresser to change the height of the chair makes it a lot easier for them to cut the customers hair. Some customers are taller than others, whilst others are shorter. So it is virtually impossible to determine a chair that will fit all the different heights of your customers. A salon chair will a lever is more than enough for your hairdressers, you can also opt in for the electronic powered ones. These will obviously be slightly more expensive, but can be useful in times. This not only saves your hairdressers time and effort but also allow them to adjust with ease.

Salon chairs must also have the ability to spin around, this is important if you are washing their hair or even shaving them. Salon chairs that have these feature allow your hairdressers to do a better work and is also more convenient for the customer themselves. In addition, your customers can get out faster. A quick spin will allow the customer to get out, as well as a beautician that has to constantly move around from customer to customer. Beauticians that constantly move around can benefit as they don’t have to get out but can instead just rotate the chair and be able to get from one side to the other.

Purchasing a cheap salon chair is not always a good idea as it is more prone to accidents. A cheap salon chair could potentially cause them to slip or turn at unexpected times, which can cause accidents. An example, would be that when you are shaving a customer’s beard, the chair the customer was sitting on suddenly rocks from side to side, causing you to lose balance as well as the customer themselves. This results in a pretty serious accident of you cutting the customer or the hairdresser hurting themselves.

In order to prevent this, you want to find a salon chair that has a lock mechanism, this is used to lock the chair in place and to avoid accidents like this from happening in the future. Salon chairs with footrests are also a great addition, they also allow the customer to relax more comfortably. They usually come with the salon chair, but if they don’t. Then a simple hard cushion underneath the chair will also do the trick.

From my experiences and research, I found out that salon chairs made from steel are of higher quality. Purchasing a salon chair made from steel can increase the longevity of the salon chair it can also resist stains and cover thick cushioning. Furthermore, a salon chair must also have a headrest. This should be both adjustable and detachable. These will usually come along with the salon chair, and obviously the cushion should be comfortable.

If you take into account all of the tips above then I am sure you will find the perfect salon chair for your company or business. It is important that you read and watch some reviews on different salon chairs before you go out and purchase one. Salon chairs can be pretty expensive especially if you plan to purchase more than 1 so doing some research beforehand is a good idea.



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